Adriana Garcia’s unsettling hunch that she being watched in her own Katy, Texas, home proved correct.

Early Tuesday, night-vision cameras she installed last week captured a neighbor prowling around her backyard and peeping in through her bedroom windows, reported KHOU-11.

Garcia challenged the man after the cameras notified her of his presence.

He begged not to be reported and ran back to his house. Garcia ignored his pleas and called Harris County Sheriff’s Office, who arrested him for trespassing.

KHOU-11 shared some of the security footage on YouTube:

Other footage reportedly showed the man touching himself “while looking in through little gaps of both my bedroom windows,” Garcia told KHOU-11

Garcia said her suspicions were first raised last month after her son found a footprint outside her window. The licensed gun owner said she didn’t shoot the man because she didn’t feel as if her life were in danger.

“Women are fed up with being victims. We’re arming ourselves and you better watch out,” she told KHOU-11.