The horse appeared crying at his owner’s funeral. But people see more than just him being heartbroken. Vladimir was a peasant who always loved animals. As a boy in the field where. He lived with his parents, he grew up next to chickens, pigs, sheep, and even a dairy cow, however, of all the animals that aroused. With the admiration of the little boy, the horse took first place. And the reason for that fascination was.

Precisely that there was never a horse. On his farm, because his parents said. That it was an expense that they. Couldn’t afford it it, and when they needed to. Go down to town, they asked a neighbour for the favour of taking them with them. And it’s that although the automobiles had already arrived in the country, but the region was still stuck in time,. Roads that gave access to the fields.

Were very irregular, and the peasants had to continue using horses as a main means of transportation. Vladimir’s true love for horses, however, was sealed. When he was a teenager, his father, who had always been in good health, suddenly fell ill, and his mother feared the worst. Due to the patient’s state of health.

It was impossible to transfer him to the city. It was then that the owner of. The neighbouring farm lent Vladimir’s horse so they could go to the village. A search for a doctor. Despite his admiration of animals, the young. The man had never ridden on a horse in his life. But saddling, the beast was as if. He had been doing it all his life. He got to the town without any. The problem, and there he found a doctor who agreed to go with him to the countryside to treat his father.

The doctor managed to save his life And Vladimir knew how to thank him. But inside him, he was convinced that. The hero of that deed was the horse. Years passed. Vladimir became a man and took over. The management of the family farm and. Believed that he had finally fulfilled his. Dream of having his horse. However, it was then that he understood his parents. The horses were still animals that escaped his economic possibilities, and he had to.

Resign himself to continue to use the. Horses of the neighbouring peasants every time. They had to go down to the city. But with time, those fields began to arrive in civilization. Some main roads were conditioned for modern. Transport and little by little, horses were replaced by motorcycles. The price of the animals was set. Aside, Vladimir was finally able to. Fulfil his childhood dream and buy a horse that he named Geronimo.

Vladimir and Geronimo were the best of friends ever since. Vladimir was not embarrassed that he was. The only one of the peasants in. The region that kept going down to. The city on the back of his unstable friend. Although people looked at him badly because. A horse was out of tune with. The modern road is full of cars. Over the years, the authorities of that. The country regulated the transit of animals. The city and Vladimir had endless problems.

With Geronimo until finally he was warned. That the animal would be taken from him if he continued to go down. To the city with him. Vladimir resigned. He could not go back down. The horse and had to buy a motorcycle. But this didn’t end the close relationship between Vladimir and Geronimo, who remained the best of friends. More than two decades have passed since Vladimir bought Geronimo. When the horse began to get sick, it was an old horse and not.

Giving much of itself. Vladimir, however, adored him and went to the city in search of the best veterinarian to try to save his life. Since he refused to be left without. The company of his invaluable friend. For a few days, Geronimo seemed to. Improve, but it was a false hope. In the end, everything was useless. The horse was already very old.

There was nothing else to do. He died, and Vladimir was immense in a sad loneliness that led him to. Promise himself never to buy a horse again because he didn’t believe that his heart could bear such a loss again. Life, however, had a big surprise in store for Vladimir. For five years, the man kept his promise to live in solitude and not. To get any horse. But after this time, returning to an. Exit to the city, the man saw a wounded horse halfway.

It had been abandoned there by its. Owner, which was becoming common practice when. The horses were no longer as valuable as before, when they got sick, when they have accidents, they were immediately abandoned by their owners. There was no promise capable of hardening Vladimir’s heart that he was not capable of leaving the animal lying there. He gave the horse first aid, and.

Once he got to walk, he slowly. Took it with him to his field. As the days went by, inside Vladimir. A feeling began to grow for that. For fear of being accused of going crazy, he didn’t dare to share with anyone. But the truth is that Vladimir felt. That this animal had the same spirit as Geronimo. He behaved just like his old horse. And responded the same way to his petting. That’s why Vladimir did not hesitate twice When it came to giving it a name.

He called him Geronimo. The joy of having a new friend. Did not erase Vladimir’s fears of having. To experience the loss of his animal friend again. He was afraid to go through that. Pain again, to go through the ordeal. Of being attached to a horse for. Years, only to finally have to suffer the loss of him by seeing him die. But he decided to take the risk. Because Geronimo had given him a second. Youth, making him once again a happy man with a desire for life. Unfortunately, these two friends’ fate would be completely the opposite of what Vladimir feared. Geronimo was still in good health when.

His owner began to get sick rapidly. Because of his old age. The master’s love for his animal was. So great that what worried him was not to die, but to leave his. Faithful friend alone when he was not. There, who would take care of feeding Toronto and giving him the love he deserved? Vladimir did not have time to entrust.

His horse to someone else. His death came in a matter of days. The loud bang of Toronto lamenting the death of his master warned the other peasants. They who held Vladimir in high esteem, took it upon themselves to organize a funeral for him in the city, leaving all expenses paid. And when Vladimir’s body was transferred, they. Were forced to padlock Geronimo in the.

Stable because the animal was desperate, Naying. And they couldn’t calm him down in any way. What would be the surprise of all when, in full burial through the streets of the city, Geronimo appeared, making his way through the attendees until he reached the side of the coffin where the body of his master rested. The horse leaned back on the box. And tears began to flow from his.

Eyes that moved those present. Everyone was impressed with that show. Love towards the owner of him. The padlock with which they had locked the animal was very strong, but Geronimo’s was. Fidelity to Vladimir had been even stronger. So much so that he managed to. Break down the stable door and make. His way out of the fields and. Into the city, find his master, and give him the last goodbye from the sky. Vladimir could calmly see how Geronimo was.

Not abandoned as he’d feared in life. The other peasants of the region, moved by what they saw, took care of. Geronimo from then on, ensured that he. Lacked nothing and he could live happily for the rest of his life. When the horse died, the peasants moved heaven and Earth to obtain permission to. Bury it right next to Vladimir’s grave. To rest for eternity next to his master. On the tomb, the peasants had a.

Moving epitaph carved to inform posterity about the beautiful and perfect love story the epitaph read. Here lie two unconditional friends, capable of loving with a strength and intensity that proves impossible to overcome. Although everyone says that the dog is man’s best friend, Geronimo, is a horse. I knew how to show Vladimir Fidelity. A self sacrificing horse who followed him even beyond death. For all those reasons. Today both friends rest next to each other, keeping each other company even in the afterlife. The tomb quickly became a symbol of.

The city and a tourist site are attended by hundreds of tourists from that country every year, interested in learning about the love story between a horse and a man who loved each other dearly. Demonstrating that friendship knows no borders. Is a feeling for whose existence is. The only thing that’s needed it’s the. Will to be with the other through. Thick and thin friendship is one of the best relationships on the planet. It’s a unique bond that truly knows no discrimination time and again animals have.

Proved that they are indeed human’s best. Friends friendship knows no race, culture or. Background differences friendship is true irrespective of the difference in language, religion, beliefs. Friendship breaks down the walls of segregation. Disunity and violence friends we’ve reached the end of this story. Tell us what you thought of the Story.