The day of your wedding should be the happiest day of your life but for one couple, it appears to have gone terribly wrong in a way they did not anticipate.

They were mailing out some wedding invitations, last July 30, 2020, and when folks received them, they discovered that they were a little more obscene than the normal invite, with one guest who was irritated by the invitation to see how insulting it was.

A photo of the card, uploaded on Twitter on July 23 by Mary von Aue, displays the couple’s unorthodox technique of RSVPing to the celebration.

The bride and groom’s wedding website is where guests in group A are instructed to RSVP “as soon as feasible,” according to the letter. Should any visitors in group A decline the invitation, invitees in groups B and C are invited to wait until seats become available on a rolling basis.

 “Please understand that our venue is limited in the number of guests we will be able to accommodate for our wedding day,” the note reads. “As much as we would love to have each and every one of you join us on our big day, we are forced to split our guests into groups to ensure we do not surpass our capacity restrictions.”

“Group A: Please RSVP as soon as possible. We appreciate your promptness as we will be able to extend any vacant seats to additional guests.” The note added.

“Groups B & C, Please keep a close watch on our wedding website for notice that we have space available. If you already know that you are unable to join us, it is helpful that you decline via the RSVP function on our website.”

If possible, we encourage our guests to hire a babysitter for the night and leave your children at home. As much as we love your kids, we are doing our best to make space for all of the guests we can. We also ask for our single guests to forgo their plus one if possible. We appreciate your understanding.”

People all over the Internet responded to and commented on this note in great numbers:

With one person wrote, “My fav part is ‘please keep a close eye on our website for availability,’ Like you’re that special that someone is checking your site constantly! & If I was group B or C I’d just send this response, ‘I opt out of this & all future correspondence. Thanks!’”

“Hilarious that it seems like groups B & C are identical, but to be C is just slightly more degrading,” said another.

“It’s not good planning, it’s terrible hosting. Every wedding has a preference list, and most are quietly grouped like this, but you don’t send it out to guests. Are they supposed to queue outside your house and take a ticket?? “Congratulations, you are our 79th favourite person” another person wrote.