Demi Moore, actress and best-selling author, has always influenced many around her, she is one of the stars who’s known for her timeless beauty. However, her gentle token of love for her pet pooch had brought her criticism from the fans.

The iconic actress is touring Paris while posing poolside in her own swimwear designs from her recently released swimwear collection. She has taken her adorable dog with her when she visits one of the world’s most famous museums, possibly breaking the rules.

The 59-year-old Hollywood star shared images of her visit to the Paris gallery on Instagram, showing fans how she and her chihuahua Pilaf soaked up the culture.

The pair posed in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting and later admired the iconic Venus de Milo sculpture.

“Pilaf takes the Louvre,” Moore captioned the images shared with her 2.9 million followers.

Little Pilaf could be seen tucked into Moore’s shirt. The star’s snaps suggested she and her pooch were the only ones admiring the works of art in what could have been a private tour of the museum.

On the Louvre website, the museum makes it very clear that no animals are allowed inside except for a few exceptions like guide and assistance dogs.

Moore shows her pup some ancient art as she tucks the pooch in her shirt in front of The Venus de Milo.

“All animals, with the exception of guide dogs or assistance dogs accompanying persons with motor or mental impairment,” the Louvre website states under their ‘Prohibited Items’ list.

Moore’s social media post quickly drew criticism from users, one of whom wrote:

“Sad when celebs exploit their fame and take their pets in places we normal folk can’t. The Louvre has a no-pet rule with an exception for assistance animals. Demi Moore, you ought to be wiser. How on earth is it permitted to bring a dog into the Louvre, another person questioned? A third reviewer questioned, “A dog at the top museum? ”

Moore’s selfies with her dog in the museum were referred to as “selfish selfies…:-(” in a tweet. I love dogs but a museum, particularly the Louvre museum, is not the place for them, not even small dogs, said another tweet. How on earth did Moore manage to bring a dog into both the Louvre and the French Open? This is just unbelievable. She is now permanently prohibited from the Louvre, and… “Rules do not apply to the Nomenklatura,” said a third critic. The fourth said, “Rules for peasants do not apply to celebrities.”

A user replied with a caustic reply, “Of course. “The privileged class is exempt from the rules.” “Most liberals feel rules don’t apply to them,” read another tweet.

The screenshot below are the list of prohibited items in the museum: