The art of palm reading has been around for thousands of years. Just looking at the lines on a person’s hands, readers claim they can predict people’s future.

Until this day this technique is being used – but today it seems that the focus is more on one’s personality and character, when in the past they focused on things like predicting wealth, death and love life.

But it turns out that not only the lines in our palms can tell and find out who we are. It turns out that our length of fingers can also reveal a lot of things about our personality.

If you look at the length of your pinky finger, you can find out which of the three personality types you have: A, B or C.


Personality type A

  • You keep your feelings to yourself, and can be suspicious of others. You would rather think that you are more independent than you really are. Once you know someone, you open up to him. You also have a deep emotional connection with those you trust
  • You hate lies and hypocrisy, which go against every principle you have in life
  • You are eccentric and a little cocky and very hard to fool
  • You have a big heart and are always ready to help your dear ones
  • You work hard and you never leave a job before you finish it
  • Your facial expressions and eyes usually reveal what you think



Personality type B

  • You are shy when you meet new people. It is not right for you to take the first step
  • You are very loyal in your love life, you are attentive and dedicated spouses
  • You are very sensitive
  • You are excellent at keeping secrets – so good that sometimes people tend to get confused and think you are stupid
  • Once you decide on something, nothing will stop you
  • One of your biggest fears is getting hurt. People see you as strong and independent, but you secretly dream of finding your soul mate.
  • You’re always calm, no matter what happened

Personality type C

  • You’re not thinking far ahead and it is very difficult to upset you
  • When you are out of control you feel uncomfortable. You don’t like surprises
  • You try not to have any prejudice, and you always respect the opinions of others
  • Your ego sometimes makes you appear domineering. You tend to get upset during arguments, but always make sure to apologize later
  • You rarely talk about your problems which can cause problems if you are in a relationship – your spouse has difficulty guessing what you think / feel
  • Honesty is the key and the foundation for all your relationships and friendships. You don’t like to sweep things under the rug


This really surprised us, and we’re sure you as well, even if you don’t believe in this kind of thing.

In the past, studies have also been conducted to determine whether there is a link between the length of the fingers and the character and personality of a person, and in some studies, they have found that there is indeed a direct connection between things.