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As attorney general of New York, Letitia James, a Democrat, has been re-elected for a second term. She has utilized this position to go after former president Donald Trump and a number of other important targets.

On Tuesday, James defeated Republican Michael Henry, a Queens attorney who had the support of several police unions but was up against one of the most influential Democrats in the state.

James assured his fans, “We delivered a message, a shot across the bow to the most powerful companies and people that they are not above the law and that this Attorney General will hold them accountable. We demonstrate to them that justice is an actual reality that must be upheld, not merely a theoretical ideal to be pursued.

The chief law enforcement officer of New York should definitely wait until the ballots are counted before declaring victory, wrote Candace Giove in a tweet. Henry did not respond to the message.

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When she became office in January 2019, James, 64, made history. She is the state’s first Black attorney general as well as the first woman and Black person of color to hold statewide office.

She started looking into Trump nearly as soon as she assumed office and filed a lawsuit against him in September, claiming he and his corporation deceived banks and other parties about the value of his properties.

During a sexual harassment probe she oversaw last year that led to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation, James also faced a prominent member of her party.

Other adversaries include the Roman Catholic Church, which her office is investigating for its handling of priest abuse, the National Rifle Association, whom she is suing over the alleged self-dealing of executives, the manufacturers and distributors of opioid painkillers, and the NYPD, which she sued over its treatment of protesters in the wake of the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

Henry has run his campaign on mounting crime concerns and steadfast support for law enforcement, similar to many New York Republicans this year. He supports relaxing gun laws and reducing business regulations.

James’ office “has been militarized in service of political ambition,” according to Henry. He has blasted her for pursuing Trump and getting involved in the Cuomo investigation while considering succeeding him as governor.

After Cuomo’s resigned in 2017, James did briefly run for governor but gave up after roughly two months.

James filed numerous lawsuits against the Trump administration when he was president, criticizing its stances on the environment, immigration, education, healthcare, and other topics. Additionally, she successfully argued before the US Supreme Court against Trump’s proposal to include a question about immigration status on the Census.

Trump has criticized James’ actions against him numerous times, alleging that she was motivated by “racism” and political factors.