Childbirth is a natural, beautiful, and generally planned process.

In 41-year-old Kelly Yakich’s case, the birth of her fourth child was far from the latter.

Kelly, a Michigander, resides in a quaint town with her husband, John, and young children. No doubt family-oriented, Kelly and John relish the idea of having many offspring.

After their third child, Kelly decided to go on birth control.

It’s for this reason, among many others, why Kelly was shocked to discover she was pregnant and well into her third trimester.

One night, after experiencing considerable pain in her back, Kelly rushed to the hospital with John where doctors performed an ultrasound.

Though she displayed no visual signs of pregnancy, the ultrasound revealed that Kelly was indeed with child.

According to her doctor, the baby was growing behind her ribs and up against her back.

Kelly finally understood why she’d been undergoing such painful back strain.

While in the hospital, Kelly began giving birth.

Soon after, Kelly and John welcomed a baby boy into the world.

Shockingly enough, this isn’t the first time Kelly’s experienced something like this.

In 2013, Kelly realized she was pregnant with her second child only three weeks before giving birth.