When a woman walked into a nail salon, she was hoping to get her nails done. It had been a bit of a while since she got a manicure. However, as the woman from Laguna Niguel walked into the salon, the person behind the counter refused to serve her because her symptoms of Lupus were flaring up. They were worse than normal because she had spent a lot of time in the hot, bright sun – but she never expected to be denied service because of it.

The manicurist took one look at Jennifer Dreyer Brown, she shot the woman a disgusted look. Although Brown told the nail tech about her condition and that it was not contagious, the nail tech made it clear that she did not want to serve her. This incident left Brown feeling embarrassed and sad. Brown decided to share her experience on social media and release some of the tension and anger she was feeling because of the way she was treated at the nail salon. However, she could not help but feel bad that the nail technician had treated her the way she did give that she could not control the symptoms as they were part of a medical condition.


The incident occurred at Happy Nails at a location in Laguna Niguel when it was the hottest day of the year. Because of the sun, the symptoms flared up.

Lupus is a condition that lasts a lifetime. The body’s immune system starts to attack its own cells, which leads to inflammation or rashes on the skin. Lupus is not contagious, although the skin looks like a rash.

Although Happy Nails gave Brown a pedicure, they took one look at her fingers and refused to serve her the manicure that she ordered and was willing to pay for.

Because Brown shared her negative experience with the salon on social media, people came to her defense and left numerous one-star reviews on the Happy Nails Yelp review page online.

However, Happy Nails tells a different story. They’ve hired a corporate attorney named Scott Wellman who is prepared to defend the nail salon’s honor and their decision to refuse service to the woman who was simply suffering from a flare-up of Lupus.

Wellman spoke to Fox 11 and told the newsgroup that the employees were just following the rules. Although he knows that Lupus is not contagious, he does not know whether the employees knew that or not. Although Wellman does not think the salon did anything wrong on purpose, he still feels bad for Brown and hopes that Happy Nails can make it up to her and make her happy again.

It is possible that Brown will forgive the salon because they refused her service simply out of ignorance. If that’s the case, then she may get free manicures or pedicures for a long time. However, will she want to go back to the same salon that made her feel bad about a medical condition that she cannot control? She’ll need to decide that.