As he reached the table where he had been serving, he noticed that she was no longer there and he hoped she wasn’t one of those customers. He double-checked the bill to ensure she had paid it which she had, but the unexpected find was the note she had authored for him as he cleaned her table to prepare it for the next customer he felt cheated, but he noticed something else and he knew it Was karma we’ll find out her entire story at the end of the story.

Armando mark edge worked as a waiter at patsy’s pizzeria in Harlem new york city. His dame was like any other until something unexpected occurred. He was confident that his efforts would be rewarded once he completed medical school and he worked long hours while smiling the whole time, but it wasn’t always easy. A Saturday patsy’s pizzeria is bustling with customers and Armando was prepared for the long day the restaurant was famous for its pizza, which drew customers back again to make matters worse.

One ill-intentioned woman arrived with her daughter, hoping to start with him on this chaotic day. Hermano realized he had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and that it would have far-reaching consequences. Patsy’S was owned by frank brinia, who took great pride in his restaurant, which first opened in 1933. The two women who sat down looked up at the wall with interest, even though they had only been waiting for less than a minute. He knew as soon as he saw them that this would be a difficult table to serve.

He still smiled and greeted them with the warmest of greetings and they decided to order two new york specials, just as he thought it was over. An elderly lady called out to him and asked him a question. He would remember for the rest of his life unprepared. For the confrontation, Armando was at a loss for words. Why were there so few pictures of women on the wall?

The venom dripped from her every word and Armando was speechless. She waited and was expecting a response. Armando laughed nervously and foolishly attempted a choke which completely backfired. The moment it came out of his mouth, the woman’s eyes narrowed and now Armando was going to pay for his careless response to her question. The flustered server withdrew to take the couple’s order, trying not to think about the mean-spirited.

Whatever confrontation was on. The way would have to wait, which turned out to be a lull that would set off the entire chain of dramatic occurrences, Armando resolved to always do his best to provide excellent service to all of his customers by the end of his shift. However, he would have been presented with a golden opportunity to turn the situation on its head. When the two women got served, they asked for the bill. He made sure to bring it to them quickly, but the restaurant was filling up by the minute.

He was surprised to find the check empty and he just hoped the woman hadn’t left without paying. But when he looked inside he discovered a far more vexing note. Perhaps women don’t tip too was obnoxiously handwritten on the receipt Armando couldn’t it and he began to clear the plates with a heavy heart when he noticed a white envelope beneath the napkins. He opened it and didn’t pause to think when he saw the Citibank logo appear. He dashed out the door to track her down Armando, just pulled up the flap and saw Citibank, and he thought it was important with the woman nowhere to be found.

He opened the envelope to look into it. Further inside was a check for the most money. Armando had ever seen the statement that the obnoxious woman had left on the table was for a whopping dollar, 424 thousand Armando had to make a significant decision, so he carefully considered his options. On the one hand, he could just throw the check away and no one would know, or he could try to cash it, and his financial problems would be over Armando did what most of us would have done after carefully considering his moral quandary, he called patsy’s owner, Frank briny frank was so surprised because it was so much money. He didn’t want to put it in his pocket, though so they assumed she was a billionaire Armando explained.

However, he wasn’t going to do that with nearly half a million dollars. While frank attempted to locate the woman, whose name appeared on the check as Karen winker, he then decided to wait if her return, so they decided to keep the check for a couple of days to see if she’d drop by. Meanwhile, Karen winker 79 was in a frenzy when she realized she’d misplaced it. Her check. She called her daughter who proceeded to search through the household trash and Karen then started retracing her steps.

She called the cafe across the street from patsy’s, then the pizzeria, but she said she called patsy’s and no one knew anything about a check said: vinnecker’s real estate broker in an interview, Karen’s life savings were revealed to be the dollar 424 000 checks. She just sold her apartment and the proceeds would be used as a down payment on a new home.

Her world seemed to be collapsing when she called the bank to cancel the check. They said they couldn’t cancel it right away because it was a cashier’s check and she’d have to wait at least three months before they could even start the process. Karen wouldn’t have a place to live if it weren’t for that check.

When Karen arrived at the pizzeria, just under 30 minutes later and Armando was standing at the door, however, did she feel bad about stiffing him so rudely?

She was so happy. Frank says, however: the moment she saw Armando you could tell she became a little shy at the very least she had the foresight to make amends by offering the hard-working server of finders fee and profusely apologizing for being so rude. Armando accepted her apology but declined the money Karen and Armando reconciled over hot pizza and frank then demonstrated the photograph wall to prove a point and then emphasize his point.

He offered to do something else as well, so they made a joke with her and said. They’d put her picture up on the wall.