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Some women have dreams about the day their lover will pop the question. They picture him bending down and proposing to her while on one knee. The ring is then given by him! For the majority of women, the ring is a gem that shines brighter than any other stone on earth! What happens if your fiancĂ© isn’t able to buy a pricey ring? On Mumsnet, a user expressed her dissatisfaction with the little ring her fiancĂ© got her.

She genuinely needed some encouragement, but a lot of the individuals who commented on her article were angry. The woman’s first impression of the white gold diamond solitaire ring was that it was “tiny.”

She continued by saying that none of it met her expectations, not just the size but also the hue of the gold and the setting. The stone also has small, “chunky” shoulders. Even the receipt was located and posted by the woman!

She said that her fiance could have bought a bigger and finer ring because he earns a six-figure salary! Okay, the woman has gone too far at this point! She is free to be dissatisfied with the ring, but posting the receipt online to publicly declare her dissatisfaction with it is excessive.

Can’t she discuss it with her fiance? Why did she feel the need to air her complaints online? What chance does their marriage have if she can’t be open with her future husband?

Marriage is about the love you share, not the size of the diamond.