Faith, confidence, and heaps of fairy dust. At the “Peter Pan & Wendy” world premiere on April 20 in London, Yara Shahidi wore a dress that appeared to have been taken straight from Neverland.

In Disney’s live-action Peter Pan production, the actor portraying Tinker Bell donned an Alexander McQueen gown with a mockneck and sparkling gold fringe.

The stunning dress also included angular cuts at the waist and sequins arranged in a complex chevron design. Shahidi’s ethereal appearance could be seen as a contemporary interpretation of Tinker Bell, despite the fact that the famous character is often associated with her short green minidress.

Jason Bolden’s styling team matched Shahidi’s gold dress with delicate Cartier jewelry to complement the yellow diamonds in her earrings. Keeping her hair, Shahidi back in tight braids and added a small cat-eye and glittery liner to her otherwise natural glam.

In some of the promotional images for “Peter Pan & Wendy,” Shahidi’s Tinker Bell is pictured flying through the air in a delicate green dress and floral bodice. This red carpet version, however, seems more in line with Shahidi’s personal sense of style. Previously, she wore a similarly show-stopping beaded Dior gown to the 2021 Met Gala, saying the look was a tribute to Josephine Baker. She later attended the 2021 Emmys in an electric green Dior dress with a 1950s silhouette. Still, this Tinker Bell-inspired gown might just be her best work yet.