When a heartless nanny was caught on camera shoving her buttocks in the face of a crippled boy and dragging him across the floor, she was charged with child abuse. When a toddler with down syndrome started acting strangely, his mother set up a hidden camera. It has been revealed that shocking evidence exists of a cruel nanny who is accused of assaulting a crippled boy.

Taking care of a child Police say that Lillian White was secretly caught sitting on four-year-old luke fields and calling him a “little mother offer.” The disturbing video will be shown at her trial, where she will be charged with child cruelty. In the video, white can be seen sitting on top of the helpless taunt, then flipping him over and dragging him across the floor while he kicks and screams.

Disabled Luke’s mother filmed him because she was worried that he was being hurt. luke’s mother, tiffany fields, put a secret camera in the family’s living room in Lexington, Massachusetts, and then made the tape public. white started taking care of her son with Down syndrome and epilepsy in June. She says that after White started taking care of him, he started acting strangely out of the blue.

Him Mrs. field’s lawyer, dale golden, argued throughout the trial that Mrs. the field was traumatized by what she’d seen. He said that when she looked at the video, she was shocked to see that her child had been physically and verbally tortured. In the video, white can be seen squatting on top of the baby and pushing her buttocks into his face as she changes him in the bathroom.

The following things can be heard say: You’re a spoiled brat, and this is exactly what we’re going to do. We’re going to do things my way. After that, Luke is brutally turned over and dragged around the floor, and he also has heart problems. White has pleaded not guilty to second-degree criminal abuse. Her trial is still going on. Here is the text of what dailymail.com said about the case.

On nanny camera footage, Lillian d. white, a resident of Kentucky, can be seen sitting on Luke, age 4, while she changes his diaper with her buttocks pressed against his chin. She then appears to be carrying Luke, who has heart problems and epilepsy, across the floor of his living room, where he is seen crying. When Luke’s mother noticed changes in her son’s behavior, she decided to install a surveillance camera.

In her home on Friday, a second-degree criminal abuse charge was filed against White, who has been Luke’s nanny since June. In court on Tuesday, she pleaded not guilty and refused to say anything after being caught on a hidden camera abusing a four-year-old boy with Down syndrome who was in her care.

Nanny camera footage shows Lillian d. white of Lexington, Kentucky, sitting on 4-year-old Luke while she changes his diaper. Her knees are resting on his face. She then seems to be moving Luke, who has heart problems and epilepsy, across the floor of his living room, where he is seen crying. On nanny camera footage, Lillian d. white can be seen sitting on Luke, who is 4 years old, while she changes his diaper. Her bottom is on Luke’s face, and she drags it across the floor.

Luke’s babysitter, white, was arrested in June and charged with second-degree criminal negligence because she pushed him around the floor while she changed his diaper. Little S, this is what we’re going to do, and we’re going to do it my way. In a security video that Wkyt got and gave to the news station, she can be heard saying, “The fact that I’m sitting on top of you means you’re not going to kick me.”

luke’s mother, tiffany fields, noticed changes in her son’s behavior, so she put a surveillance camera in her house on Friday. When she looked at it, she was shocked to see that her child was not only being physically abused but was also being verbally tortured, said an attorney for the victim’s family, dale golden, in an interview with NBC bay Area. A second-degree criminal abuse charge came as a shock to her, edda golden.

Charges have been brought against White, who had been Luke’s nanny since June. On Tuesday, she pleaded not guilty, but she didn’t respond to a request for comment. In another similar case, an Ohio babysitter was charged with abusing a toddler after their parents put a hidden camera in her room. When the parents of a toddler in Columbus noticed that something was wrong, they decided to put a camera in the babysitter

Now, the babysitter is being investigated for allegedly hurting the child multiple times. In an interview with the family’s lawyer, he said that the parents set up the camera after noticing that every time they tried to pick up their daughter, she covered her face. It didn’t take long to figure out what was going on. In the video, a 20-month-old child is seen waking up and trying to get a look at the babysitter.

When the girl looks up to see what the sitter is watching on her phone in the video, she gets smacked in the face. The babysitter, a 21-year-old woman, was hired about six months ago when the child’s parents went back to work. The nanny says that the babysitter is there to keep an eye on the child. If you look at what the babysitter was doing, you can see that she was looking through her phone.

Phone According to Emmanuel olawale of the olawale law firm, that’s not what she was hired to do. After being hit in the face for the first time, the toddler seemed to have been hit repeatedly in the minutes that followed. The child didn’t cry at all, which makes me think it’s been going on for a long time. There’s no way for the parents to find out and there’s no way for the baby to report it. olawale told me

The first frame of the film was taken on April 26. The incident was found out about two days later. The babysitter was arrested and charged with endangering a child and child abuse in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Both of these are crimes in the state of Pennsylvania. The victim was very young, so the parents think the charges should be raised.

Speaking for herself, especially since this wasn’t an individual case of sexual attack; it’s been going on for a long time and they didn’t know about it, she said, “It’s been going on for a long time.” olawale said that people should pay attention and understand that when you permit someone to care for your child, you should also be on the lookout for problems. Physical harm to a child is not the only thing that counts as child abuse.

In this context, it means any kind of violent or scary treatment of a child by an adult. Neglect is also included in this group. When a family member, like a parent or caretaker, hurts a child in the home, this is called domestic violence. On the other hand, children are sometimes abused by adults they depend on, like daycare workers, teachers, and sports leaders.

Abuse is sometimes done on purpose, but not always. When parents or caregivers are no longer able to keep up with the demands of caring for their children, it can lead to dysfunctional behavior and even abuse. the extent of child maltreatment in 2010 researchers from Leiden university and tno the Netherlands organization for applied science research did a study to find out the extent and nature of child abuse in the Netherlands.

The Low Countries Every year, about 119, 000 children are mistreated in some way, according to figures. Physical abuse is any kind of physical harm done to a child. Emotional or mental abuse is when an adult constantly yells at or treats a child badly.

Physical neglect is when a child doesn’t get the care and attention it needs on a physical level. Emotional or psychological neglect is when a child’s need for love, warmth, and security isn’t taken into account. This can happen when a child sees or hears something he or she shouldn’t, or when someone treats him or her badly or on purpose scares him or her.

Domestic violence between their parents or caretakers is also included in this group. Sexual abuse is described as forced sexual contact. Thanks for reading!