At the prestigious Bionow Awards 2022, Seda was honored to receive the Company Growth Award. This honor recognizes our exceptional development, innovation, and contribution to the life sciences business in the North of England as well as our dedication to excellence and innovation in the pharmaceutical sector. The award, sponsored by SRG, was given during an opulent ceremony held on March 16, 2023, in Manchester’s Concorde Convention Center, beneath the wings of the famous Concorde.

Paul Stott, CEO of Seda, said in his acceptance speech that “business growth is a surrogate for the quality of our science” and “we feel that business growth follows that quality.” It’s also tremendously fulfilling to watch the team advance in both.

Seda, which is based in the North-West, was founded in 2015 with the goal of adding value for our clients by combining our knowledge in Pharmaceutical Development and Clinical Pharmacology. The objective was to bring to the biotech sector the same degree of scientific brilliance and development knowledge that one would find in a large pharma environment.

The Seda team is enthusiastic about the work they undertake and the beneficial effects it has on patients’ lives. This honor is a testimonial to the team’s perseverance and commitment in realizing its aim of becoming a premier provider of pharmaceutical development services. Lean Start Up Model was our first guide, but the real force behind our quick growth.

Seda announces a £4 million investment in brand-new cutting-edge facilities.

Clients responded favorably to Seda’s distinctive offering, which resulted in an initial growth phase supported by repeat customers and referrals. By investing in laboratory facilities and equipment and creating custom modeling software, the team was able to expand the breadth of services as revenues rose.

Delivering value to our clients consistently has resulted in revenue growth that is remarkable (averaging 81% annually), as well as growth in staff and profit. As we reached the point where we needed more capacity, the positive cashflow put us in a great position, and we were able to buy a new 10,000 square foot facility.