Pugh said the crew was concerned about how to shoot the film in the correct order if she cut her hair early in filming. Her response to that was, “You’ll find out.”

Adding that the team had a great conversation, she told Braff: “This is crazy. She can’t. It’s not helpful at all.” The director tried to convince her to use a wig, but she doubled down and said again, “You’ll find out.” And they did.

In a recent interview with United States todayThe midsummer The actress said everyone on set was “really concerned” as they would only have one take to get it, but that she “found it really liberating.”

She continued, “If anything, it was like the final key to unlocking this character. It took vanity out the window.”

Pugh also shared a personal connection to the scene, recalling experiencing similar impulsive moments as a teenager because she was “just looking in a different direction than what made me sad.”

“For me, whenever I was particularly low as a teenager, I found a lot of quick fixes,” she said. “I would buy things like nail sets or scissors and go on YouTube and find out how to do it.”

a good person is currently in cinemasShe told Braff: “This is ridiculous. The team had a terrific talk. Not for her. It is not at all helpful. She refused to use a wig despite the director’s best efforts to persuade her to do so, repeating, “You’ll find out.” They did, too.

Recently, in an interview with United States Today, Everyone on set was “very apprehensive,” the actress added, because they would only have time for one take, but she “found it extremely liberating.”

If anything, it was like the last key to unlocking this character, she continued. That threw self-interest out the window.

Pugh also revealed a personal connection to the incident, admitting having similar irrational moments when she was a teenager due to “simply gazing in a different way.”