Odell Beckham Jr. and Lamar Jackson, the new offensive duo for the Ravens, were seen having a good time in Miami following OBJ’s signing.

However, “Lamar Jackson visits Miami to party with OBJ” is just the sound of a good time. “Lamar Jackson visits Miami” is a breaking news story in the making.

The quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens and the newly signed wide receiver were seen at a club in Miami together, and if it weren’t for the enormous neon sign, they probably would have passed by as regular club patrons.

Beckham was carefree, enjoying the music and atmosphere while donning a cap. Jackson, the pessimistic Debbie Downer, occupied the seat next to him, slumped over and resting his head on his hands.

Lamar Jackson and Odell Beckham Jr. go out for a night of unadulterated fun

The 2019 MVP previously turned down a contract containing $133 million guaranteed and continues to be on shaky ground with the franchise, especially after the blindsiding stunt he pulled a few weeks ago.

Baltimore signing OBJ would appear to be a peace offering of sorts: the team went out and got Jackson a top wideout, and in return Jackson will hopefully play in 2023 on the exclusive franchise tag or — fingers crossed — reach an extension with the team.