Officials confirmed that two HH-60 Black Hawk helicopters that were taking off from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, crashed Wednesday night, “resulting in several casualties.”

According to a press release from the 101st Airborne Division, the incident took place in Trigg County, Kentucky, approximately 10 p.m. local time, during a “regular training mission.” The division is the owner of the helicopters.

The status of the crew was described as “unknown” in the press release, however Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear stated on social media that “deaths are likely.”

A soldier on the scene confirmed many fatalities, and the county coroner arrived at the scene, according to local radio station WKDZ. A nearby resident who witnessed the collision claimed to have heard “two booms” and “a pop.” Nick Tomaszewski, a different witness from Trigg County.

“For whatever reason, I told my wife, ‘Wow, these appear particularly close tonight.’” A tremendous explosion that almost appeared to be fireworks went off in the sky a minute or so after they arrived. The entire row of trees then started to glow.

The specifics of the accident scenario could not be independently verified by The Army Times. According to weather reports at the time of the disaster, bad weather doesn’t seem to have been a factor.

Officials from the division stated in a statement that was included with the release that “for now the focus is on the [s]Seniors and their families involved.”

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Daniel Wadham and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Danny Randolph of the Tennessee Guard perished in February when the Black Hawk helicopter