Are you an ardent supporter of the Atlantic Coast Conference or a UConn Huskies fan celebrating their fourth national men’s basketball championship since Syracuse’s last triumph in 2003 (and fifth overall since 1999)?

With five titles won outside of the Top Five, UConn has established itself as a legitimate college basketball powerhouse.

For two years running, Syracuse basketball hasn’t been featured on “One Shining Moment.”

In collegiate athletics, UConn has made an effort to follow the conventional wisdom, with football setting the standard. With a Fiesta Bowl trip in 2010, UConn football reached its pinnacle. Since then, not much has been noteworthy. With 10 consecutive losses from 2011 to 2021 and just one victory each in 2018 and 2021, the program hit rock bottom.

Pigskin rewards notwithstanding, Connecticut returned to its original conference in 2020, leaving the AAC to join the Big East once more and going independent in football.

The unconventional strategy of going against the grain and not following the golden rules of collegiate football has nonetheless been successful.

I’m not here to argue that Syracuse should have stayed in the EC back when it joined the ACC. It would have been a terrible business move.

If the Big 12 or ACC offered UConn membership, would they accept?