Avery R. Young, a poet and musician, was appointed the inaugural poet laureate of Chicago this week.

Background: In addition to being an author, educator, musician, and artist, Brooks is the lead singer of the band avery r. young & deacon board.

What they’re saying: “I am hoping to secure a foundation and significant budget for residencies, festivals, enriched workshops, and other initiatives that take poetry beyond the page.”

He responded to the new title in writing by saying, “[in my James Brown Voice] I FEEL GOOD!”

It’s an honor to hear about the poet laureate of the city’s first term describe his ideal day in Chicago. “Bongo Room for the breakfast burrito with extra chipotle sour cream.”

Shopping for records in the morning. I’ll go to Dusty Groove or Reckless Records in Wicker Park.

Afternoon tea: “Some higher saint somebody’s church supper sold in a church’s basement or Creed on Lake.”

Afternoon activity: “Sunday Service at Stony Island Arts Bank. It’s all about the books.”

Dinner: “Fried avocado tacos with black rice at a friend’s house, maybe potato salad, but definitely big bruh Jarvis’ banana pudding.”

Evening activity: “I’d watch a soul cinema marathon with the nerd blk galatika who will talk more than the movie and hold an impromptu symposium titled all the things to love about a score/soundtracks composed & produced by Curtis Mayfield.”