We discussed how Chicago radio is prepared for it in our article from the previous day about some EV manufacturers not including AM radio in their new vehicles.

When we asked for your opinions, you flooded our inboxes with them! The following are some of your comments, which we had to edit for, um, Sensible Brevity:

“I can’t image starting my morning without AM radio,” says Karen G. Since I was a little child, WGN has been on in my home, whether I was waiting to find out if school was cancelled on a snowy day or listening as an adult to learn about what was happening locally or nationally.

When I was a teenager, AM radio has been a favorite of mine, says Eileen M. As of right now, I’m still a fanfor breaking news on talk radio. Without a doubt, I would miss it.”

Ray P.: “AM no longer needs to exist. My various devices receive emergency broadcasts and amber notifications. In the cloud-verse, AM is still alive.”

By Annette H “I was surprised to learn that my new Volvo did not come with an AM radio. Though I’ve downloaded the applications for a few stations, not all of them are yet accessible.”

“My AM radio is still what I prefer.”

Jeremy M. “Lol AM!?! On my phone, I have apps for the news and the weather. Radio is obsolete. The solution is to stream. I’m genuinely astonished it endured this long.”

Mike C.: “I enjoy AM radio. Although I love podcasts, I prefer live radio that can be heard without an appJim A.: “Live and local talk radio offers companionship and the ability to engage. I will not listen to syndicated programs. Most of what I listen to is not broadcast on FM.”

Joan E.: “I bought an EV in 2020 and was shocked to find AM radio gone, or so I thought. I quickly learned my phone automatically connects to the car via Bluetooth. Every time I get into it, all I do is say ‘Siri play WCPT.’”