After about a year since the notorious slap at the 2022 Oscars that became iconic throughout the world, Chris Rock finally addressed his argument with Will Smith in his eagerly awaited Netflix comedy special.

In the months before to the live special, the comedian practiced material regarding the slap event, but since audiences on his most recent tours were instructed to lock up their phones, we have only heard rumblings about it. Rock, though, revealed his actual feelings about what transpired between him and Will on Saturday night, letting the public in.

Rock issued a no-holds-barred rebuttal to the slap near the close of his live-streamed special “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage,” calling out both Will and the actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. You all are aware of what happened to me—I got hit by Suge Smith—Rock remarked. “Still, it aches. “Summertime” kept playing in my head. Nevertheless, sweetie, I’m not a victim. I’ll never be seen crying on Gayle or Oprah. I took it like Manny Pacquiao.”

He went on, “Will Smith was amazing. I have always adored Will Smith. I’ve supported Will Smith all my life. And now I only watch “Emancipation” to see how he is destroyed.”Rock continued by explaining why he didn’t “fight back” following the slap. “How come you didn’t respond that evening?” On the query he is asked the most, Rock said. “because I have parents. You are aware of my parents’ teachings? Never engage in combat in front of white people.”

Rock’s remarks follow several reports that he would finally speak out about the slap during his historic Netflix show. As many people are already aware, Smith slapped the comedian on stage on March 27, 2022, while he was serving as the host of the Oscars the previous year, as a result of a disgusting joke that was made about Jada.