Dana Wilkey was implicated by Dorit Kemsley as having an affair with Kyle Richards’ Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Mauricio Umansky.

Is there a problem with you, woman? Or do you have nothing better to do because your life is so miserable? After Wilkey shared a bogus movie poster for “An Affair to Remember” starring Beverly Beach founder and Umansky on Instagram on Sunday, Kemsley left a remark.

Wilkey, who made an appearance in a few episodes of “RHOBH’s” first three seasons, is “certainly one of the thirstiest persons,” according to Kemsley.”Our friends Kyle and Mau are known as uncle and aunt by my children. Do you believe it’s OK for my kids to learn if it’s a vile lie? The designer, who is married to Paul “PK” Kemsley, has two children: Jagger, 8, and Phoenix, 6.

“If this is the only way to make money, then so be it, but at least show some decency and stop spreading lies, especially when you are aware that there is absolutely no truth to them and that your only motivation is to profit from them.” Simply put, it harms people needlessly.Wilkey was accused of harboring a “disgusting falsehood” by Kemsley, who is pictured here with her husband Paul “PK” Kemsley. Getty Pictures

Dorit, 46, completed her tirade by calling Wilkey, 47, “sad” and “pathetic” and warning her that spreading the story “will inevitably bite your ass”.

By publishing her photo on her Instagram story, Wilkey strengthened her argument that “fans can’t stop talking about it.”

She conceded, though, that she “clearly touched a chord.”

Fans “can’t stop talking about the supposed liaison between Kemsley and Umansky,” according to Wilkey. wilkey dana/Instagram

Many thousands of messages were sent to Dorit in solidarity, many of which criticized Wilkey for spreading the “pathetic” story.“Dana tries to stay relevant. Good for Dorit,” commented one fan.

“Dorit may I just say this is the slickest drag I’ve ever seen in my life!” another wrote.

“The long answer was REQUIRED this time ??? Talk about it girrrrlllll,” added a third user.

Kyle Richards and Umansky have been close friends with the Kemsleys for years. NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Richards, 53, and Dorit have been best friends since the latter joined RHOBH in season 7, and their respective husbands Umansky, 52, and PK, 54, have also become close.

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