The pre-dawn series of attacks on Thursday, according to Ukraine, resulted in numerous drones and missiles being shot down by its air defenses.

Ukraine said that it was powerless to block the firing of six Kinzhal hypersonic cruise missiles by Russian forces. Russian for “dagger,” Moscow acknowledged using Kinzhal missiles in the attack on Thursday.

After what it described as a terrorist incident in the Ukrainian-bordering Bryansk area of Russia last week, Moscow said its forces had launched a “massive retaliation strike” against Ukrainian infrastructure.

After losing power during the airstrikes, the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was reconnected to Ukraine’s electrical grid, according to grid operator Ukrenergo.The Bakhmut mining town in eastern Ukraine has experienced 102 Russian assaults in the last 24 hours, according to the Ukrainian military.

In order to counter Russian sabotage ships and safeguard vital maritime infrastructure, the EU is exploring coordinated maritime patrols and naval drills.EU is thinking about coordinating maritime patrols to thwart Russian spies ships

According to the EU environment policy leader, as part of preparations to intensify its efforts to protect key infrastructure at sea, the European Union wants to perform joint naval drills.

Because of attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines in September, which caused them to spew natural gas into the Baltic Sea, worries about security risks to Europe’s marine infrastructure have increased.

On Friday, the EU is expected to release an updated maritime security strategy that outlines plans for an annual naval exercise and for coordinating national efforts to safeguard offshore wind farms, undersea data cables, gas pipelines, and other vital marine infrastructure.