Following the Washington Post’s in-depth investigation of Donald Trump’s post-presidency transition, New York Magazine published a lengthy article that is, to be honest, more of the same. Similar to the last tune, this one depicts a former president-turned-presidential candidate who spends the majority of his day playing golf and receiving admiration from followers at his exclusive Florida club.

He simply leaves, plays golf, then returns and fucks off. He has retired to Mar-a-Lago and the golf course, according to a consultant for the publication’s Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi. “His world has shrunk considerably. His world is incredibly small.

Trump usually only speaks to far-right media, but this time he gave Nuzzi a rare interview for the play in which he reiterated his innocence with regard to the various crimes he is charged with and linked to, protested, and expressed delusions that he was still the front-runner for the 2024 Republican nomination.

It’s still possible, but the likelihood of it happening is waning as a result of the NFT trading card fiasco and the base that supports it.

One clip from Trump’s favorite movie, Sunset Boulevard, about shabby former silent film queen Norma Desmond dragging a struggling screenwriter into her absurd fantasy world while daydreaming of triumphantly returning to the spotlight, is particularly illuminating about Trump’s mental state.Calling the film “one of the greatest of all time,” Trump apparently not only played it to guests aboard his 727 on his off-duty business days, but even held screenings of it at Camp David for White House staffers.

Still, it’s not hard to imagine why Trump identifies with it Twilight Boulevardespecially since his own life has begun to mirror the story of the film’s protagonist.