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Mercenary war criminals, lawyers, heavily armed thugs, skilled computer experts, and political scientists all work together in a corporate organization in Russia. Tens of thousands of these people work for Yevgeny Prigozhin, a former criminal who later became “Putin’s cook” and the leader of the Wagner Group, before rising to the rank of unofficial general in the Ukrainian War.

Dossier Center, a team of detectives financed by the government, has turned this strange organization inside out.

Its primary operations have been impacted. The Internet Research Agency, sometimes known as the “troll factory,” is where the documents were produced. They also originate from its parent company, the Concord Group, the Wagner Group, and a multitude of 400 businesses, both real and made up, that belong to the multimillionaire. A quasi-Russian state-owned corporation that is also a monster criminal enterprise of its own type may be seen in the business structure when seen from the inside.