Zelenskyy referred to Russian soldiers as “beasts” after a video of a Ukrainian soldier being hacked to death circulated.

After a video surfaced on social media that appeared to show a Ukrainian prisoner being beheaded with a knife, Ukrainian officials denounced Russian forces.

The video rapidly became popular online, but Al Jazeera was unable to independently confirm its legitimacy.

A man in uniform is shown on camera beheading a man who is sporting the yellow wristband worn by Ukrainian soldiers.

The footage is rather hazy and starts with a voice, which suggests the victim might have been awake when the attack started.

The video was deemed “terrible” by the Kremlin, which also stated that its veracity needed to be confirmed. Moscow has previously refuted claims that its soldiers massacred civilians throughout the fighting.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine, observed, “There is something no one in the world can ignore: how effortlessly these creatures kill.

Nothing will be forgotten by us. We also won’t pardon the murderers. Everything shall be subject to legal liability. It is essential to eradicate terror, he continued.

The film was deemed “terrible” by Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister of Ukraine.

He tweeted, “It is absurd that Russia, which is worse than ISIS, is chairing the UNSC,” in reference to the body’s rotating chairmanship, which Russia assumed this month. Russian terrorists need to be expelled from