Israel’s president Isaac Herzog urged the government to immediately halt a divisive judicial overhaul on Monday, warning that it has jeopardized the nation’s security, economy, and society. A day earlier, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had fired his defense minister for objecting to the change, setting off a large-scale street protest. Herzog urged the government to set aside its personal agenda in favor of the good of the country. “Yesterday night, we saw some pretty trying situations.

There are strong and unpleasant emotions, and I am making an appeal to the Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet, and Coalition members. Deep fear grips the entire country. Our society, economy, and security are all in danger. Israel’s population as a whole is staring at you. The entire Jewish population is watching.

He emphasized, “I call on you to cease the legislative process immediately for the sake of the unity of the Nation of Israel, for the sake of the essential duty. He urged everyone in authority to put the needs of the people first.

“I ask to the leaders of all Knesset factions, both Coalition and Opposition, to put the needs of the people of this nation first and to act immediately with courage and responsibility. Time to get up! The President proclaimed, “This is not a political moment; this is a moment for leadership and accountability. Yoav Gallant, the Defense Minister, was dismissed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last night after he said that the court reform “poses a serious threat” on Saturday evening.

Irked by the televised speech given by Gallant, the PMO in a terse statement on Sunday evening said that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided, this evening (Sunday, 26 March 2023), to dismiss Defense Minister Yoav Gallant”.The announcement led to tens of thousands of Israelis pouring into the streets of cities across the country on Sunday night in a spontaneous unprecedented outburst of anger. An unconfirmed Channel 12 report said that 600,000-700,000 Israelis were demonstrating late on Sunday across the country, with protests reported from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south. Protesters in Tel Aviv blocked a main highway and lit large bonfires, while police scuffled with protesters who gathered outside Netanyahu’s private home in Jerusalem.