After a rare strike by Israel’s northeastern neighbor fired six rockets at Israel in two bursts from Syrian territory early on Sunday, the Israeli military claimed its troops had attacked targets in Syria.

Israel first claimed that it reacted with artillery fire into the location in Syria where the missiles were fired after the second barrage of three rockets. Afterwards, according to the military, Israeli airplanes struck Syrian Army positions, including a facility belonging to the 4th Division of Syria as well as radar and artillery installations.

After days of rising violence on numerous fronts due to unrest in Jerusalem and an Israeli police raid on the city’s most sacred site, rocket fire broke out.

Two missiles from the second barrage that was launched early on Sunday crossed the border into Israel.

According to Al-Mayadeen TV in Beirut, a Palestinian organization located in Damascus that is supportive of the Syrian government claimed responsibility for firing the three missiles on Saturday.

The Al-Quds Brigade, a distinct group from the wider Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s armed wing of the same name, was cited in the report as saying it shot the rockets in retaliation for the police attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The rocket attacks in Syria were described as “part of the past, present, and ongoing reaction to the ruthless enemy” by a member of President Bashar Assad’s advisory council.

Israel has launched hundreds of attacks in government-controlled areas of Syria in recent years, though it rarely admits them. Israel has sworn to block Iran’s encroachment in that country. Previous to the most recent assaults, 10 attacks were attributed to Israel by Syrian sources. Palestinian health officials said that Israeli security forces in the occupied West Bank fatally shot a 20-year-old Palestinian man in the village of Azzun, setting sparked protests there. According to the Israeli military, Palestinians who threw stones and explosive devices were fired upon. The deceased Palestinian was identified as Ayed Salim by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

His passing occurred when violence in the West Bank was exceptionally high. More than 90 Palestinians, at least half of whom are members of militant groups, have been killed by Israeli fire so far this year, according to a count by The Associated Press.

19 Israelis have been killed by Palestinian attacks over that time, including two British Israelis who were shot dead on Friday near a settlement in the West Bank.