Kim Kardashian continues to endure Kanye West’s cruel treatment despite the fact that she divorced the musician and moved away from his chaotic, poisonous world.

This weekend, West was seen clashing with a parent at his son’s soccer game after having his designs stolen from major retailers like Adidas and Balenciaga and being banned from Twitter and Instagram for his heinous anti-Semitic rants.

hollywood life spoke to a source who claimed

Kim was under pressure from the other parents at Saints football games, and the parents concur that they do not want Kanye to attend their children’s games with the contradictory hatred he spews. According to the source, many of the families and kids were Jewish and were particularly upset by Kanye, which is what most likely led to the brawl.

Although it is only appropriate that West’s parents have this opinion of him, it is unjust to blame Kim, his ex-wife, for his actions. Even if they were married, it was made clear in various public settings that she had limited power over West’s conduct. According to a source for Hollywood Life, Kim feels powerless since she cannot influence Kanye. Kim can’t truly order Kanye to do anything because that would compel him to act contrary to what she wants.

Explaining that Kim is trying to do her best to navigate the uncomfortable and complicated position she’s in, the source explained, “Kim feels like watching Kanye take his ship from the safety of hers.” sunk from the shore. Your best course of action at all public events is to ignore him. The other parents don’t have it easy.”

Since his “White Lives Matter” stunt during Paris Fashion Week and the prejudice that followed in rapid succession, West has lost nearly two dozen brand partnerships, closed his Donda Academy, and had numerous famous colleagues and ex-boyfriends speak out against him , including Jaden Smith and John Legend.