With numerous features that improve performance and containment, the ReVo protects people, products, and the environment from hazardous pathogens and particles. A quiet, sterile working environment is created using cutting-edge blower technology and CAPTM continuous monitoring to safeguard users and their samples. Users of a comprehensive user interface are alerted to dangerous situations by means of distinct visual and audible signals. Each model has a fully stainless steel interior for simple cleaning and decontamination, and TUV Nord has given its approval for cabinet construction in accordance with EN 12469.

ReVo safety cabinets provide unmatched comfort thanks to their ergonomic design, which includes inflow grilles that are angled to promote good posture, a glare-free 270-degree panoramic view of the workspace, and a display and controls that are placed in a convenient location. Additionally, it’s among the world’s quietest MSCs. Even when several MSCs are placed in one room, laboratories can conduct their research in a quiet setting.

The ReVo is an excellent example of how Labconco products excel at lowering the energy burden of their machinery without sacrificing performance. It offers extreme energy efficiency, plus Night-Smart™ technology that intelligently reduces blower speed between uses to save energy while maintaining a sterile environment.

Labconco is a global leader in biosafety products with over 50 years of experience and a leading manufacturer of scientific and healthcare engineering control devices for nearly 100 years. At the forefront of innovation worldwide, Labconcocontinues to provide tested and true solutions for all ranges of biosafety.