According to the Washington Business Journal, two Virginia politicians have proposed legislation that would permit the construction of a casino in Fairfax County, directly next to the Silver Line.

Why it matters: According to WBJ, only Fairfax County would be eligible for the new proposal, which would change Virginia laws to allow casinos in counties if certain requirements are met. Currently, Virginia law only permits casinos in cities of a specific size.

The legislation places restrictions on where a casino can be built in Fairfax County by requiring it to be near a Silver Line station and to be a part of a mixed-use development.

A 29-acre development in Herndon, next to the Innovation Center Metro station and Dulles airport, is one proposed location.Even if the legislation is approved, Fairfax County would still require a referendum to approve the establishment of the casino.

The two lawmakers who proposed the measure are not yet certain if they would pursue it by the conclusion of the session in late February. One of those legislators at least informed WBJ that he might not push it this year but might reintroduce it the next year.