Philadelphia feels like it’s going through a painful breakup. The sting of losing the Super Bowl remains raw. And over the past few days, fans watched two of the Eagles key coaches – Shane Steichen and Jonathan Gannon – leave for head coaching jobs in Indianapolis and Arizona.

  • It almost feels like when your ex comes to pick up a box of their old stuff.

Meanwhile, the internet never takes a break. Eagles haters wasted no time throwing shade in ways that are sure to make Nick Sirianni tear up again.

What’s happening: “Bye, Eagles, Bye,” read the front page of the Kansas City Star. And “Cry, Eagles, Cry” is becoming the latest anti-Eagles battle cry.

Eagles cornerback James Bradberry — who drew the controversial holding call during Kansas City’s fateful game-winning drive — is under fire. Chiefs wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster heckled Bradberry with a savage Valentine’s Day meme that sparked a Twitter fight with Eagles players rushing to their teammate’s defense.

Dallas’ Micah Parsons — yes, the same former Penn State star who doubted whether Jalen Hurts was an MVP-caliber QB — hit back at Smith-Schuster with, “Damm social media has allowed players social media skills be better than their football skills!”

  • See, Philly. Cowboys fans aren’t that bad after all.

What they’re saying: Speaking of that holding call. Everyone has their opinions, from NBA superstar LeBron James to NBC Sports Philadelphia host Michael Barkann.

Barkann, speaking in refrains heard from Broad Street and beyond, has become a sort of unofficial spokesperson for Philly after a clip of him losing his mind on live TV went viral. Luckily, he works for a cable news channel so the FCC isn’t likely to do anything about the cussing.

  • Axios reached out to Barkann via Twitter but we haven’t heard back, and his bosses at NBC offered no comment on the matter.

What we’re watching: The Eagles have a lot of decisions to make about which players to keep or risk losing in free agency.

They’ll undoubtedly lock down Hurts with a big contract. He’s a bonafide star and seems like an even better human being.

  • The search has already started to find replacements for the Eagles’ old coordinators.

The bottom line: This last year has been one for the vault. Three Philly teams, three championship appearances, and enough time in the spotlight as sports capital of the world to give all our sun-deprived asses a sunburn.