The largest Polish oil business, PKN Orlen Daniel Obaitek, tweeted that Moscow had ceased selling oil to Poland through its Druzhba pipeline, which was excluded from several EU sanctions against Russia.

Notwithstanding this, he pointed out, the corporation would still maintain supplies because it was ready to discontinue importing oil through the Russian Druzhba pipeline.

“Just 10% of our oil originated from Russia, and we will substitute oil from other regions in its stead. The diversification effect is what we have been focusing on lately “said Obaitek.Mateusz Berger, the Polish secretary of state for strategic energy infrastructure, promised Reuters that the Polish people won’t notice any changes. He claimed that PKN Orlen had been prepared for months to halt deliveries from Russia.

A deal between PKN Orlen and the Russian oil and gas corporation Tatneft, which was valid until December 2024, allowed PKN Orlen to import Russian oil.

Back in November 2022, it became known that Poland was negotiating with Germany on the introduction of EU sanctions against the Polish-German section of the Druzhba oil pipeline. Then, it was possible for Warsaw to withdraw from the agreement with Russian without paying fines. Already in December, Poland said it was ready to completely stop importing oil from Russia.