Before to becoming an unrestricted free agent, Jimmy Garoppolo had at least two teams interested in signing him.

Jimmy Garoppolo will have a ton of suitors when quarterback becomes a free agent, you better believe that.

In his time in the NFL, Garoppolo has proven that he is one of the guys and is capable of leading a potent squad to numerous playoff triumphs. At this stage of his career, he may simply serve as a bridge, but when someone is this attractive, who cares? In either case, Garoppolo’s tenure with the San Francisco 49ers is coming to an end, but several teams will be vying for his services in his highly anticipated NFL free agency.

While he would work in New York too, I kind of want to see Garoppolo be the 21st century version of Ken Stabler for the Silver and Black. Derek Carr is a slightly better quarterback than him, but you never really felt like he was one of the guys. It’s not his fault, it’s just who he is. I think Garoppolo would be a terrific addition in Las Vegas, regardless of what the Raiders plan to do picking at No. 8.

Ultimately, teams are going to take a chance on Garoppolo because of how he plays in winning time. He is a pretty selfless leader, and I think that would play well with a lot of teams. It has never been talent that has led to his downgraded stock, but rather his ability to stay healthy for a full season. It serves the Raiders to bring him in, and try to draft Will Levis or Anthony Richardson.

Jimmy G leading the Silver and Black out of the tunnel needs to happen for so many reasons.