78 times since January 2021, according to the senior American military commander for the Middle East, Iranian attacks have been launched against his soldiers.

Gen. Erik Kurilla stated that the US Central Command’s [CENTCOM] top priorities were to dissuade Iran, combat violent extremist groups, and engage in strategic competition with China and Russia.

Iran, he continued, “remains the key factor destabilizing the area,” and he issued a warning that “the Iran of 2023 is not the Iran of 1983.”

CENTCOM was established forty years ago to compete strategically with the Soviet Union and to oppose the influence of the Iranian dictatorship after it had taken over in Tehran.

Moreover, Gen. Kurilla warned Congress that Iran has grown “exponentially” more dangerousThe US general claims that Tehran is also home to the most powerful and sizeable drone fleet in the area.

US interests are still at jeopardy as Iran strengthens its ties and creates proxies across the Middle East. Iran and groups with Iranian support have attacked American troops and interests throughout the CENTCOM area of responsibility frequently. The military openly revealed the frequency of these attacks for the first time. According to Gen. Kurilla, there have been “approximately 78 times” as many attacks since January 1, 2021.

He explained that Iran uses Iranian proxies, like as UAVs or rockets, to strike our forces in Iraq or Syria while keeping their true intentions hidden. Gen. Kurilla replied when asked if these were constituted acts of war: “They