Ryan Garcia has come under fire from Shakur Stevenson for his performance against Gervonta Davis on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Garcia suffered his first loss in 24 matches at the hands of “Tank,” who is still unbeaten. It was a relatively easy victory for Davis as he submitted Garcia in the eighth round.Stevenson told TMZ Sports that “‘Tank’ looked sharp, really sharp, and he boxed real well.”

“Ryan was probably in preschool, I guess. Ryan wasn’t at the very top.

I don’t think Ryan was on the same level as the four monarchs, who were all described as being quite remarkable. Ryan wasn’t that great, in my opinion.

He wasn’t aware of his surroundings. He spent the entire fight trying to land one left hook. He was clipped after three consecutive left hooks.

Everyone is aware that since ‘Tank’s’ brain functions like a computer, you can never accomplish the same thing three times in a row while fighting him. He recognizes it.

“There’s the elite level where you understand what you’re doing, you’ve gotthe ring IQ and ring smarts. Ryan just didn’t have none of that.

“He went in there fighting with heart instead of using his brain.

“I think he was making a lot of mistakes. He was tall for no reason, and he doesn’t understand distance and things that could have helped him in the fight.