These days, more and more men wear hair above the lip, and players for the Washington Capitals are no different. Perhaps it keeps them warm on the ice, or perhaps the Caps are more concerned with style than we realize.

The Capitals aren’t likely to be Stanley Cup contenders this year, NBC Sports reports, but they are a tough opponent for other teams trying to advance in the playoffs.

To get to the bottom of it, we combed the Capitals roster for everything from fuzz to stubble to full-on handlebars. Back to our hot’stache takes.

Here is Axios D.C.’s list of the top mustaches currently on the ice:

The winner is easily Charlie Lindgren. The goalie’s mustache has personality Not only is it thick, but it also gracefully curves down the side of his face. 10/10 for both consistency and style.

Consider Jay Chandrasekhar in “Super Troopers” or Kevin Bacon in “Police Car.”

Alexander Alexeyev, a defenseman, earns some points for sporting a full mustache, but the rest of his facial hair is inconsistent, including a patchy goatee that hasn’t joined his mustache yet.

Yes, his mustache is more of a thin hairline that extends from his upper lip. But it goes well with his long, styled hair.  

Add a few more for him.