For the Packers, Jordan Love will step in for Aaron Rodgers on the field, but head coach Matt LaFleur does not want him to try to match his stats.

Jordan Love will have a Herculean task replacing Aaron Rodgers, according to Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur. To take the pressure off his inexperienced quarterback, he is doing everything he can.

LaFleur won’t tell the public that Love is ready for prime time, even if he thinks it. He is urging the team’s fervent fan base to “temper” their anticipations for his performance in 2023 as a result. To put it another way, Packers fans shouldn’t anticipate Love to produce the same video game stats as Rodgers did during his prime.

The head coach’s words will likely be reflected in his playcalling once Week 1 arrives. Packers fans should expect to see the coaching staff do everything within their power to win without putting too much on Love’s shoulders. Love’s installation as the team’s new starting quarterback should coincide with the culmination of LaFleur’s mission to turn the offense into a running juggernaut.