According to Russian media, the FSB border guard building is on fire in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Before the fire started in the building on Sivers Avenue, witnesses said they heard an explosion.

According to the Telegram channel SHOT, everyone was instructed to leave the structure. There are 20 firefighting units on the scene. The area was also cleared of all cars. The area had been cordoned off. Sivers Avenue was blocked by traffic police. According to reports, there is no danger of the fire spreading to nearby structures.

Preliminary information indicates that explosions in a two-story warehouse with a floor area of 880 square meters started the fire. The brick warehouse structure is on fire.

An eyewitness who shared a video claimed that the explosion occurred while he was on the phone, right in front of his eyes.

“The windows had all been blown out. There seems to have been injury there. The roof simply bounced after it exploded. Some explosion occurred there. Rigidly. There are also the military. I am unsure if this was a terrorist attack or not “The witness made a remark.

The moment of the explosion in the FSB building was published by the ASTRA project of independent Russian journalists.The fire is said to have left one person dead and two others injured.

Vasily Golubev, the governor of the Rostov region, claimed that a short circuit in the wiring was to blame for the fire.

“Fuel and lubricant containers exploded due to the fire. Two walls collapsed as a result of the fire spreading over an area of 800 square meters. The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Emergency Situations has deployed 14 pieces of equipment and 63 personnel to put out the fire “Added Golubev.