I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows that Minnesota has a 10-acre minimum for what they call a “lake,” whereas Wisconsin has none. Minnesota has more than 20,000 lakes by Wisconsin standards, so Minnesotans have something to brag about as they continue their quest for a Lombardi trophy.

Minnesota, on the other hand, can have its 10-acre lakes. In any case, I’m more of a pond freak.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy Inbox. Thank you for creating this space for fans to ask questions and connect with the organization we love (and to those who work behind the scenes, no matter how small their contribution). One of my favorite aspects of Inbox is seeing where different fans are located.Which do you prefer: beefing up our defenses to take out opposing teams and win with lower margins of victory, or stockpiling on offense in the draft and allowing J-Love to compete in shootouts?

My draft would be a balance of filling holes in defense (defensive frontline and security) and adding ability position players based on how the roster currently stands. To answer your question, I guess I’m easily offended. I just don’t think the defense needs much help, especially with Rashan Gary back, while the offense could use some reinforcements during a transition period under center.

Tight ends can be extremely beneficial to rookie quarterbacks. What are the prospects for TE now that Robert Tonyan has moved to Chicago?

Not to be redundant, but Paul had previously asked this question.

Solid choice. Listen, whoever it may be, I’m just amazed at the depth of this tight end class. I quite like Washington (although the fanbase should have patience with him and realize that Washington’s influence will go beyond catches and touchdowns). I also like Mayer and Dalton Kincaid if the Packers want to issue a first-round pick. Mayer and Kincaid have different body types, but both are legitimate NFL tight ends. It’s an exciting year for the tight market.

I want to address the person who recommended putting Keisean Nixon on offense. I think he’s got enough on his plate. I want to remind him of what the Bears tried to do with Devin Hester. He looked confused on offense, which affected his return game. Please don’t get greedy and kill the golden goose.

Keisean Nixon wouldn’t be a full-fledged offensive player like Hester, who was sort of positionless. Nixon is a proven nickel cornerback. So I would imagine the coaches would only choose a few trick offensive games that he appears in. Also, Nixon is a former running back. He’s used to having the football in his hands.

QB might not be out of the realm of possibility for one of the first two nights of the draft — especially with Aaron Rodgers gone. I remember a few years where… we didn’t have a really viable QB (at least result wise we thought we had something) and now with Love injured at the QB we would be in trouble. Or is that the vet? Provided we find one for a team friendly salary. But I’m not sure.