Tom Cruise’s holiday cake list no longer includes Brooke Shields. brookesheilds/Instagram

Brooke Shields no longer receives a cake from Tom Cruise for Christmas, although she is unsure of “what happened.”

The actress claimed to have “had a solid 10-year run” and been “on the list for a long” in order to receive the $126 Bundt cake that Cruise is gifting his famous buddies for the holidays.

Every year, which made her very delighted, she received the coconut cake.

In addition to removing his ex-wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri from his Christmas card, Shields, 57, continued to make fun of the 60-year-old actor.

Every year, the actor is rumored to bring his buddies a coconut Bundt cake.

“At first, it was from them and SuriThat was initially from them and Suri, so there were the three of them; however, shortly Katie and Suri were gone, leaving Tom alone, she said. “So for a while, not every holiday, it was all about Tom. The cake then came to an end.

The model made it clear that the alteration took place recently and had nothing to do with their previous debate regarding postpartum depression medication.

In 2005, the Oscar candidate notoriously referred to Shields as “irresponsible,” and she reacted angrily to his “ridiculous tirade.”

“What transpired” is unknown to Shields.

The two, however, managed to escape the incident and kept their friendship.

The Addicted Susan graduate was not only invited to Cruise and Holmes’ “amazing” wedding in 2006, but also brought along her eldest son.