Although Ty Lue may be prepared to go for a new challenge, there are already NBA speculations that the Clippers are still fighting for their postseason survival.

The No. 5 seed in the Western Conference is presently held by the Los Angeles Clippers, who are currently 39-35. They’re also facing the prospect of having to play without Paul George during the final several weeks of the regular season; George’s ailing knee may even prevent him from competing in the playoffs.

On paper, the Clippers appeared to be one of a select group of contenders heading into this season.

Lue has been the Clippers’ head coach for the past three seasons and probably thought he was taking over a contender when signed on for the job. Since taking over, he’s Kawhi Leonard in the lineup for just 97 of 228 possible games. Paul George has played in just 141. There haven’t been any reports of fractured relationships or locker room problems but, at some point, it has to be frustrating as a coach to be repeatedly undone by a weakness you have no control over.