The much-anticipated announcement from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on the in-season tournament that the league will host during the 2023–24 season.

Silver spoke about the circumstance at the World Congress of Sports organized by the Sports Business Journal. On Tuesday, he informed the media that “the players will don alternate outfits. Perhaps the court will appear differently. You’ll be able to tell that it’s more than just a regular-season game.

He added that there would be a preliminary round, a knockout round, and pool play before the four semifinalists square off against one another at a neutral location.

A page from the football playbook

It appears that Silver intends to emulate the model established by football in the world in which there are multiple matches in different tournaments being played throughout the season, rather than just the league. For example, a Premier League team could also takes part in the FA Cup and the League Cup during a season, and possibly a European competition such as the Champions League too.

“Taking a page from European soccer where they play for multiple cups throughout the season,” he said.