The fact that my hair was still red indicates that these photos were likely taken some time ago. Nevertheless, I’ve recently shared a lot of photos of my home gym in my stories and received a ton of inquiries, so I thought I’d use my blog to offer everyone a better tour.

Working out at home has been so enjoyable. Because we collaborated with Nordictrack and iFit and have their equipment, I wanted to talk more about it in this post. I’ll be honest: I had anticipated getting machines that resembled those at my gym, but they blew my mind!

This kind of machinery was new to me. The elliptical, cycle, treadmill, and rowing machine are available for cardio. The row machine is probably my personal favorite since you can choose exercises on the screen that either give you the impression that you are rowing down a real body of water because there are so many options! Alternately, you can work out with a trainer. One of my faves is a brief 15-minute workout that involves interval training on and off a rowing machine. Given that he has been preparing for another triathlon, David’s favorite machine is the treadmill. You have the option of hiking, running, or working out with a trainer.But with an upcoming surf trip he’s been doing the HIT training workouts on the row machine that takes him on and off the machine mixed with floor exercises. The best part is that the treadmill automatically adjusts.. so if you are going uphill on the hike the treadmill will adjust its incline and speed to make it feel like you are really on the hike. I love to do the trainer work outs on the treadmill because I love anything that is interval training and it has pushed me to try new speeds at new inclines that I normally wouldn’t try myself.

The same thing goes for the fusion machine – you can follow along with weighted workouts and the weight will adjust automatically based on your profile and the workout. I love to do a little cardio mixed with mostly weights so I LOVE this machine. There is soooo much you can do with it and the work outs you watch on the screen are really helpful because some of the moves I had never seen before so it is fun to mix it up.