With just nine days before its latest reboot season kicks off on Feb. 18, the XFL unveiled new secondary logos for all eight teams on Thursday, as well as tertiary marks for three of the franchises.

Arlington Renegades

As we mentioned when the names and primary logos were revealed in November, the Arlington Renegades have simply relegated their primary mark from the 2020 season – a masked outlaw – to secondary status.

D.C. Defenders

The D.C. Defenders’ secondary logo places the stars and lightning bolts from their previous shield inside of a pentagon. They also introduced a tertiary banner, which includes the three stars and two bars from the Washington D.C. flag.

Houston Roughnecks

The Houston Roughnecks’ secondary logo is in the shape of a gear to tie into their primary logo, which is an oil derrick that is now stylized to look like an “H” after they faced a lawsuit from the NFL over their previous mark’s similarities to the Houston Oilers.

Orlando Guardians

By far the simplest design among the new logos unveiled on Thursday, the Orlando Guardians’ secondary mark is a single-color shield, which is stylized to look like both an “O” and a “G.”

San Antonio Brahmas

Inspired by the Spanish architecture seen throughout San Antonio, which most notably includes the Alamo, the Brahmas’ secondary logo is an interlocking “SA” in yellow and gray.

Seattle Sea Dragons

Continuing the trend of interlocking letters, the Seattle Sea Dragons’ secondary logo merges a stylized green “S” with an an orange trident, which mimics the shape of a “D.”

St. Louis Battlehawks

The Battlehawks were among the teams that introduced two new logos on Thursday, including an armored hawk and a stenciled wordmark, which both pay homage to the history of manufacturing military aircraft in St. Louis.

Vegas Vipers

Lastly, the Vipers’ “LV” logo is inspired by the original XFL’s Las Vegas Outlaws. We’re not sure what the fleur-de-lis logo is supposed to represent, though, so we’ve reached out to the team for an explanation.

Photo courtesy of @XFL2023 on Twitter.