Nearly a year after their breakup, Florence Pugh and Zach Braff’s friendship is still going strong. The two went to the “A Good Person” premiere on March 8; Braff wrote and directed the movie, which stars Pugh.

The former lovers held hands and smiled for the cameras as they walked the red carpet in a friendly embrace. Pugh opted for a shimmering crop top, tailored pants, and floor-length gloves for the special occasion, while Braff wore a purple-and-grey plaid suit over a white button-down shirt.

Pugh and Braff seem to be getting along well after publicly breaking up in 2022. Braff even took to Instagram on January 3 to wish Pugh a happy birthday on her 27th birthday. “Legend, happy birthday!”

Around 2019, the celebrities started dating and kept their union largely secret. In a 12 January interview with Vogue, Pugh—who is 21 years younger than Braff—opened up about the public criticism of their relationship after they split.

“We avoided getting in anyone’s face. Simply put, people didn’t like it “Pugh revealed this to the media. “They conjured up images of me with younger people and movie stars. Young relationships in Hollywood, in my opinion, are so easily twisted because they fuel gossip websites. It’s thrilling to observe. And I believe that the relationship I was in did none of that.”

We can’t wait to see more pictures of Pugh and Braff’s adorable relationship as the stars prepare for the rest of their joint press tour.