Not just because of the confrontation with Yevgeny Prigozhin, owner of the Wagner PMC, did the Russian Defense Ministry stop supplying ammunition to it. According to the Russian Telegram channel VCHKA-OGPU, all military formations are receiving less ammunition, and the “second army of the world” is indeed facing a catastrophic shell shortage.

“Prigozhin lacks sufficient knowledge when he claims that the Defense Ministry’s depots have enough ammo. Although the situation with ammunition is appalling, it is meticulously hidden, “Telegram channel posts messages.The station made a film and published documents proving this knowledge. Rusted shells that the Russian Defense Ministry provides to the front are depicted in one of the pictures. Some of the shells are so old that picking them up causes them to physically disintegrate.

Only a year’s worth of active warfare in Ukraine could have been fought with Russia’s stockpiles of shells. Russia used roughly 60 thousand artillery rounds per day during the early phases of the conflict, but that figure has since dropped to 20 thousand. The Russians are no longer able to employ the fire shaft strategy on a broad front.The conflict between the Russian Defense Ministry and Prigozhin has reached a new level. The owner of the Wagner PMC accused the Russian military command of destroying his group by withholding ammunition and weapons.