Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla, is accustomed to conducting business in Texas. The Boring Company’s offices and Tesla’s worldwide headquarters are both in the Austin region. SpaceX facilities and a Neuralink complex are also being built there. In recent years, the new owner of Twitter has also been purchasing land near these properties, although it has only recently been fully public what his entire plans are for the neighborhood.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article

According to reports, Musk has planned to build a village called Snailbrook (after the mascot of the Boring Company) where his employees will dwell. The tech CEO has reportedly expressed interest in purchasing a piece of Bastrop County, which is located 35 miles outside of Austin.These are not merely theoretical ideas: According to reports, the village is already being built, with a site in Bastrop County adjacent to new facilities for Boring and SpaceX already having a number of modular homes, a pool, and a gym. Street names in the vicinity including “Boring Boulevard,” “Cutterhead Crossing,” and “Waterjet Way” have been authorized by county officials. Even poles in the neighborhood have placards that read, “Welcome, snailbrook, tx, est. 2021.”

The new Tesla Gigafactory Texas, which is close to Austin, is where Elon Musk addresses the 15,000 invited guests.

A Musk-affiliated company, Gapped Bass, has reportedly submitted documents to build 110 more homes in the area for a project called “Project Amazing,” for which it has partnered with homebuilder Lennar. And as of last year, Boring Company employees have reportedly been able to apply for Musk-operated homes, with “rents starting at about $800 a month for a two- or three-bedroom room,” a competitive number for the area.

The diary wasn’t able to determine the exact amount of land Musk owns in the area — it’s at least 3,500 acres, but estimates from other sources go as high as 6,000 acres. Some vendors in these transactions were reportedly required to sign non-disclosure agreements, as were some local development officials, and many of the sources spoken to for the story say they feel Musk reportedly wants this project to be as quick and quiet as possible expires. A local landowner expressed concern at the lack of transparency surrounding Musk’s goals and feared the environmental impact of the large-scale development he has in mind.