For the occasion, artist Fabian Oefner shares unprecedented insights into the intimate meaning of the artwork:

The start of the auction for Lamborghini’s first-ever NFT project, “Space Time Memory,” coincided with the beginning of the new lunar year. I was born in the space age, so I have memories of seeing the space shuttle take off into the night sky.

I don’t think this essay is about a car. The topic of this essay is recollections. This idea actually bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds by disassembling the car as well as the carbon fiber key that is used in space. That’s what makes me happy.

Because the Latin word ultimae, which also means “farthest,” also implies “last,” it is metaphysical. The moon is the location that captures our imagination because it is the farthest place we have ever traveled. We all enjoy exploring new worlds because we are all explorers.