After failing to find a new attorney, a California judge on Tuesday rejected a sex abuse lawsuit brought up by one of Marilyn Manson’s victims, Page Six has discovered.

Following the approval of Jay D. Ellwanger’s resignation request, Ashley Morgan Smithline, who had previously accused the shock rocker of abusing and raping her over the course of their two-year relationship, was instructed to find new counsel by December 5, 2022.

The case was withdrawn because the model was unable to secure new representation or act on her own behalf.

She can retry the same claim at a later time if she so chooses since the action was dismissed with prejudice.

According to WireImage, Manson has always refuted Smithline’s assertions.

Manson’s attorney, Howard King, told Page Six, “We thank and commend Ashley Smithline for dismissing her claims against Brian Warner without asking or receiving anything in return.

“MS. Smithline has refused to be manipulated by others who are attempting to further their own schemes against Mr. Warner. We wish her well and will continue to work to ensure those who have attempted to violate our justice system abuse will pay a heavy price.”

Although Ellwanger requested that he withdraw from the case, Manson’s legal team provided a series of text messages allegedly sent by Smithline, which appear to show that she had in fact attempted to get rid of him first in April 2022.

In addition to Smithline, Jay Ellwanger has also represented Esmé Bianco. JayEllwanger/Twitter In addition to Smithline, Jay Ellwanger has also represented Esmé Bianco. Jay Ellwanger/Twitter