The chairman of the House oversight committee has demanded access to the bank records of Hunter Biden’s business partners.

The head of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, is requesting data for three of the president’s son’s business associates. Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the ranking committee member, informed Comer of the subpoena in a letter on Sunday.

The letter’s opening line reads, “I write to you to express my serious concern with the manner in which the Committee is conducting its inquiry into presidential ethics.

“You appear to have taken these actions to obstruct the production of proof of former President Trump’s wrongdoing while in office while concurrently issuing an intrusive and overbroad subpoena to private persons,” the letter reads.Raskin claims that Comer has thousands of pages of financial data from Biden’s colleagues, including John R. Walker, who collaborated with Biden on a now-defunct Chinese energy company in a “joint venture.” Walker and Biden were partners in this venture, according to Raskin. The records, according to Raskin, contained ten years’ worth of Walker and his wife’s joint bank account statements.

Comer also wrote a letter on Monday to William Pittard, Georges Bergès, a lawyer, and the Georges Bergès Galleries LLC, Biden’s art gallery. According to Comer, Berges has declined to help the committee with its request for details regarding “unidentified purchasers” of Biden’s artwork.

In an apparent effort to protect Mr. Biden and/or the buyers of Mr. Biden’s artwork from congressional oversight, he has decided to obstruct.